Engagement Like Never Before

Increase interaction, and connect with
your patrons in entirely new ways.

Manage Your Queue

Automate your music system & selection to the crowd. They vote to decide what plays next, and the system takes over when customers are inactive.

Analytics & Insights

How long do patrons stay inside your doors? How engaged are they are as customers? We can measure that for you, and deliver you analytics in real time.

Make Some Extra

Not only is the system free, but we want to help you grow your business with ease. Pull in extra revenue from your patrons with our profit program.

Powerful. Simple.

We aim to make the Queue'd hosting system an easy set up, with a quick learning curve. Not only is it a powerful tool for engagement and retention, but the system will scale into the millions for you.

Millions you say? Thats right. Millions and millions of data points, if you'd like. Prefer to keep it simple? We tackle that with grace, too.

  • A system that will automate your music management
  • A powerful engagement solution to enhance your events

Give it a Try.

It’s free to use and free to download - we promise, no hidden fees.