Song requests are a thing of the past.

With Queue’d, the crowd decides what plays next.

Easy Check In.

With Queue’d, participation is fast and flawless. Once the app knows where you are, we’ll show you every venue in your area with open check ins.

Simply choose your favorite spot, then...well, actually that’s it.

Songs You Want.

Everyone has an equal say, and this little democracy allows anyone to search and queue their favorite tracks. Choose from your Spotify playlists, or use our search engine to find that song stuck in your head.

You Decide.

See a song in the queue that you aren’t quite feeling?
Downvote it!

How about one you really love?
Upvote it!

The highest voted and most popular track is always on top, ready to play next. We took the power and gave it back to you — the people.

Give it a Try.

It’s free to use, free to download, and you don’t even have to sign in to anything!